The Grangeville School was established in 2009 by parents who had children with special needs. The parents had tried to move their children in several schools in an effort to ensure that they received an education that was applicable and congruent with
the-grangeville-schooltheir needs. However, none of the schools that they visited effectively addressed the unique needs of the children, especially in an individual way.

The parents themselves decided to team up with a few partners who would offer logistic support and set up a school. They put up their own unique school that attends to the needs and concerns of such children. This was important in that the parents had an understanding of:

  1. The children who were unique and talented in diverse ways;
  2. The need for an Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) for each child; and,
  3. An education programme that would be adopted to a future career in a global world.

Why the Grangeville School?

Your child gets to explore the opportunity of creative expression through constructive play, guided instruction and development from qualified and experienced teachers of special education.

teacher calys 2

the-grangeville-school-classesThe school is unique for children who tend to learn differently. It is ideal for students who find ordinary academic pressure too much to cope with, specific learning difficulties, short attention span or exhibits challenging behavior that affect academic and social progress. We also offer guidance and counseling services to nurture the students emotional needs.

After The Grangeville School…

Students can advance their training in other colleges and universities locally and abroad.

Through our association with institution like Utalii College and other institutions of higher learning, many students can take courses which include, pre-university, Diploma and Degree. Those that choose not to further their education are able to take their rightful place in society better equipped to face the challenges in life.