To Enroll your child at our school

  • rightBook and pay for the Assessment at the school and fill the assessment form which can be downloaded from our website.
  • The child is brought for assessment
  • Discussion of the assessment report and recommendations
  • Admission is given if the school feels it can meet the needs of the child. The child can be admitted either under school action (this means that the school will meet all the learning needs in class)or school action plus(the parents will be called upon to provide extra staff and other support needed beyond what the school provides).
  • Pay school fees and other services the child needs through the school accepted modes of payments(Bankers cheque, EFT,)
  • IEP meeting will be called at least two weeks after the learner has reported in the school. The IEP meeting will be attended by the class teacher, consultant, parent and other staff working with the learner.
  • Boarding students will be given further instructions