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  • Comprehensive Educational assessment and continuous evaluation
  • Individualized Education Programmes (IEPs) for each learner that is developed from assessment report.
  • Small class size to ensure increased teacher learner contact
  • Qualified, dedicated and experienced teaching staff
  • In-house occupational therapy
  • Outsourced speech therapy and other educational support services.
  • Well equipped Computer Laboratory, Library, occupational therapy room, music room, catering kitchen, Art and Design, salon, games and sports facilities
  • Boarding Units separate for boys and girls
  • Transport Services
  • Vocational Training in Catering, Art & Pottery, Cosmetology and ICT.
  • Individualized Transition Programmes (ITPs) for learners completing vocational training.

Our study programme

  • British national curriculum adapted to the needs of the learners
  • Life Skills
    life skills training

    A student undertaken life skill activities

  • Physical education
  • Vocational training Includes: Drama, music, dance, cosmetology, Art ,Information Communication Technology and Catering,
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Clubs
  • Educational tours
  • Swimming

The Kindergarten Years

(Key Stage 1)

These comprise of Years 1 and 2.

The Elementary Years


Elementary years

(Key stage 2):

These are Years 3-6. The progress of the student from one class to the next is assessed with two optional assessments – Edexcel Primary Progression Tests and at the end of Year 6, Edexcel Primary Checkpoint. The progression tests are given by Edexcel and marked in the school while Edexcel Primary Checkpoint is marked by Edexcel. Note the tests cover only the core subjects (English, Math and Science).

Secondary 1

(Key Stage 3):

These comprise of Years 7-9.

The students take the core subjects English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics as well as History, Geography, ICT, Music and Modern Languages. P. E is also offered. The progression tests are given at the end of each year. At the end of Year 9, the students will sit Edexcel Checkpoint exam.

From Year 5, the various subjects are taught by specialist subject teachers.

Progression Chart

(Primary/Secondary 1):

Year 11 IGCSE Ed excel Secondary Exams




6-7 years

Year 2

Internal testing

7-8 years

Year 3

Progression Test

8-9 Years

Year 4

Progression Test

9-10 Years

Year 5

Progression Test

10-11 Years

Year 6

IGCSE Primary Exams

11-12 Years

Year 7

Progression Test

12-13 Years

Year 8

Progression Test

13-14 Years

Year 9

IGCSE Ed excel Secondary Exams

15-16 Years

Year 10

Progression Test

16-17 Years

Year 11

IGCSE Ed excel Secondary Exams


The school endeavors to help parents to supports their children at home and cope with their needs through:

  1. Regular parents support and training forums
  2. Regular communication and sharing information about the learners progress
  3. Individualized education programme discussion